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Near the Mormal Forest, in a hilly landscape, ponctuated with groves, orchards and ponds, Le Golf de Mormal and its 18 cups perfectly fits in its natural environment and is addressed as well to the beginner with the experienced player.

An old "Avesnois" farm houses the Club-house.

The 18 cups round has a total distance of 6022 m (by 72). For those who begin to learn the Golf and/or wish to improve, the Golf of Mormal has a 6 cups compact.

The structure of the Golf of Mormal also shelters two large rooms of seminars for the companies which wish to make meetings, formations, receptions... in a place planted with trees, in full nature, among the scents of the grove and the apple trees. 



For those which want to learn and improve, the Golf of Mormal is equipped with 30 stations of practice, including 10 enclosed ones. A putting green and a bunker of drive supplement the hands-on training.

The lessons of golf are ensured by Christophe BATAILLE, pro. The regularity with the golf is a quality which is also obtained by courses regularly taken.   

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