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The  GOLF DECOUVERTE programme makes it possible for you to initiate with golf and allows you to acquire in 2 months the basic concepts but also to practice this very beautiful sport.


So you can, without engaging you in the long run, taste the pleasures of Golf and Nature, and perhaps let you convince.


The  GOLF DECOUVERTE programme includes over 2 months:  


  • 8 hours of group teaching
  • Acces to the training center (practice and 6 holes) and the initiation one, balls as much as one wants 
  • Lending of material (1/2 serie + bag)



For a 2 months duration, this training course enables you to concretize the training of this sport with all the golfic structure of Mormal, to obtain at term the green card, your first sesame to play on all the courses of golf.


The training course is complete and practical in order to be able to launch you in the best conditions on our course and on any other one. 


  • Practice access , free balls, 6 holes course 
  • 8 hours of collective training course
  • Passage of the green card and ending drink
  • 5 greenfees, 9 holes (of which the last is for the test of the green card)  





The Golf School makes it possible to the young people to benefit from a very beautiful golfic structure to learn and to improve with the joys and pleasures of golf, true physical sport where the precision and the concentration are essential. The courses are caught school Wednesdays. 


Balls as much as one wants. The puttin green, the training bunker and the 6 holes course (by 10) permit to be fastly concrete and useful. 

Private Lessons 

Going up in Euros


Individual lessons: 1/2 h for 1 people                                25

Individual lessons: 1 h for 1 people                                   47   

Package 4 individual lessons: 1/2 h for 1 people               90   

Package 8 individual lessons: 1/2 h for 1 people             170   

Lesson: 1h for 2 people                                                     60   

Lesson: 1h for 3 people                                                     75   

Lesson on 9 holes course: 2h for 1 people                       90   

Lesson on 9 holes course: 2h for 2 people                     120   

Lesson on 9 holes course: 2h for 3 people                     135   


For the non-members, payment of a practice access of 6 €

For the non-members, payment of the greenfee  

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